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Australian Inspired, American Crafted.

Australian Inspired, American Crafted.

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rooted in Australian culture

Why does Golden Hour exist?

Golden Hour was created to enhance the everyday.

Inspired from the Founder's upbringing in Australia, where people live a happy and healthy way of life, this family-owned business offers safe plant-powered products to allow you to enjoy your everyday.

From a restful night to dancing the night away, Golden Hour uses only the cleanest ingredients paired with the latest ingredient technology so you can always 'feel golden.'

welcome to the future of Functional wellness

Cannabis, reimagined.

Golden Hour uses the finest Oregon grown cannabis, nootropics, and adaptogens to create some of America's most-effective functional products.

Elevate mind and body with therapeutic cannabis, enhanced cognition from nootropics, and stress resilience through adaptogens.

elevating the perception of decades of misinformation

Shake the 'Stoner' Sterotype

Golden Hour redefines the preconceived ideas around cannabis usage. Using formulas that blend of science with sophisticated ingredients, we prove that cannabis can be a safe, fun and effective product that can help you sleep, focus, party or relax.

Experience a curated fusion of cannabis, nootropics, and adaptogens for a refined and purposeful journey to well-being.

science first approach

Dosage by Design

As a leader in the category, Golden Hour is committed to scientific and precise dosing - take confidence that each product is carefully formulated and tested to the highest of FDA and DEA standards.

Our formulations ensure accuracy, allowing you to tailor your wellness journey with confidence.

MOOD focused effects

Crafted to 'Feel Golden'

Unwind, recharge, and invigorate with Golden Hour's mood-enhancing formulations.

Discover tranquility for restful sleep, relaxation for stress relief, and an energy boost for revitalization. Our precise blend of cannabis, nootropics, and adaptogens creates a tailored experience to elevate your mood and promote overall well-being.

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