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Australian Inspired, American Crafted.

Australian Inspired, American Crafted.

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Elevate your everyday

At Golden Hour, our vision is to elevate your everyday. We use functional ingredients for enhanced effects, including cannabis, adaptogens and nootropics, putting you in the driver’s seat in controlling your mood. Whether it's relaxation, a fun night out, or any mood in between, we have products crafted to enhance it.

Science based

Quick acting

Federally Legal

Fast U.S. Delivery

Functional Ingredients

3rd Party Tested


Heighten your...


World Class Edibles

Crafted with precision by leading cannabis scientists, Golden Hour sets a new standard amongst America's leading brands.

100mg THC

Purpose-based effects

Premium Packaging


300mg+ cannabinoids per tin

Nootropics + adaptogens proprietary blend

Customer reviews

Blissful Retreat
"Golden Hour's Relax-focused gummies are my daily bliss. Brenda-approved for their fantastic flavor and soothing vibes. These gummies turn my evenings into a golden retreat. The effect of nootropics and adaptogens is noticeable, enhancing the relaxation. Two thumbs up! "

- Brenda Thompson

Energy Burst
Redbull but make it cannabis. These things are like a burst of sunshine in every bite! The perfect pick-me-up without the jitters. I've never experienced cannabis and cordyceps (mushroom's version of caffiene) + adaptogens like guarana and ginseng take the energy boost to the next level. An edible that's uplifting yet the dosage is controlled and enjoyable. "

- Tom Reynolds

Sweet Dreams Delight
"Raving about Golden Hour's Sleep gummies. The calming effect is unreal, and the flavor is a dream. These gummies have become my bedtime ritual. The incorporation of melatonin and CBN enhances the sweet dreams. Thank you for the restful nights! "

- Charlotte Davis

Mini-Vacation for the Mind
"These treats are like a mini-vacation for the mind. The perfect unwind after a hectic day. The ashwagandha adds an extra layer of tranquility. Golden Hour, you've earned a spot in my chill-out routine!"

- Roy Mitchell

Daily Delight
"I'm a big fan of Camino edibles but have found my daily dose of delight with Golden Hour's Wellness Cannabis gummies. The precise dosing ensures a perfect balance, delivering a calming experience. The effect of nootropics and adaptogens is a game-changer. Incredible formula!"

- Dana Turner

Mood Magic
"These little drops of happiness elevate my spirits and taste amazing. A perfect blend of joy and relaxation, heightened by nootropics and adaptogens. Five stars from me! "

- Max Bennett

A new standard has been set
"Golden Hour's gummies are fast-acting and delicious. The attention to quality ingredients, including nootropics and adaptogens, is evident, making these gummies a standout in the market. "

- Quinn Evans

Family Owned & Operated

Learn more about how two parents teamed up with their son to launch a wellness brand

Blog posts

Explore stories, experiences, tips and tricks plus many more musings.

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11 Presidents who loved cannabis - we're just as surprised as you!

11 Presidents who loved cannabis - we're just as surprised as you!

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