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Australian Inspired, American Crafted.

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Episode 3. Raising Capital: Funding Your Start-up Venture

Episode 3. Raising Capital: Funding Your Start-up Venture

Special Guest: Emily Phaxlia, Managing Director Poseidon Investment Management, LLC. Cannabis Investor Emily, a successful cannabis investor, shares her expertise on what investors look for in cannabis ventures and general CPG. She provides valuable tips on how to pitch to potential investors, secure funding, and navigate the financial landscape of the cannabis industry.

From this episode, you'll have greater awareness on the following:

  1. Understanding Investor Expectations: Emily, with her extensive experience in cannabis investment, unravels the criteria that investors typically seek in cannabis ventures and consumer packaged goods (CPG). Gain insights into the nuances that make cannabis investments unique and learn how to align your venture with investor expectations.

  2. Crafting a Compelling Pitch: Discover the art of crafting a pitch that captures investor attention. Emily shares valuable tips on how to effectively communicate your cannabis venture's value proposition, market potential, and differentiation. Learn the key elements that make a pitch compelling and irresistible to potential investors.

  3. Securing Funding in a Dynamic Landscape: Navigate the complex financial landscape of the cannabis industry with Emily's guidance. Understand the challenges and opportunities associated with securing funding for your venture. Gain practical insights into the strategies that successful cannabis entrepreneurs employ to attract investors and secure the capital needed for growth.

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