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Australian Inspired, American Crafted.

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Episode 2: Defining the Audience: Understanding the Consumer.

Episode 2: Defining the Audience: Understanding the Consumer.

Special Guest: Brian Jong and Phil Wong - Founders of Hawthorne

Brian and Phil join us to discuss how they disrupted the personal care and beauty industry with Hawthorne - a leading aspirational men's personal care brand. We’ll break-down how they defined their audience and built consumer insights. They’ll help us understand the diverse preferences and behaviors of consumers, enabling brands to tailor their products and marketing strategies accordingly.

Listeners will walk away understanding

  1. The Power of Data-Driven Decisions: Delve into the role of data in consumer insights. Our special guests unravel the secrets behind Hawthorne's success, emphasizing the significance of leveraging data to inform business decisions. Discover how data-driven approaches can elevate product development and marketing precision.

  2. Building a Brand with Cultural Relevance: Explore the process of building a brand that resonates with diverse audiences. Brian and Phil share their experiences in creating Hawthorne, shedding light on how to infuse cultural relevance into a brand. Understand the importance of cultural sensitivity in product design and marketing to connect authentically with consumers.

  3. Navigating Consumer Behavior Trends: Stay ahead of the curve by gaining insights into evolving consumer behaviors. Our guests discuss how they anticipated and navigated shifting trends in the personal care and beauty industry. Learn to adapt products and strategies to meet the dynamic expectations of consumers in a rapidly changing market.



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