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Australian Inspired, American Crafted.

Australian Inspired, American Crafted.

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Wellness Trio Gummies Set - All 3 Experiences

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This Wellness trio something for every mood 

  • 1 x Energy Edibles pack of wellness gummies

Our fast-acting Energy Edibles combine THC, CBD, CBG. And a unique blend of adaptogens for a boost of energy and mood elevation.

  • 1 x Relax pack of wellness gummies 

Relaxing Calming Gummy with Adaptogens: 5mg THC, CBN, CBD per serving. Lion's Mane & Ashwagandha for tranquility. 300mg total cannabinoids.

  • 1 x Sleep pack of wellness gummies 

This sleep gummy blends THC, CBN, CBD, melatonin, and natural sleep aids (L-Theanine, Chaga, Magnesium) to help you fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed.

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