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Trying THC for the first time at 70 with my son in NYC - An Ageless Adventure

Trying THC for the first time at 70 with my son in NYC - An Ageless Adventure

At 70 trying cannabis for the first time - would I loose my marbles, would I loose my pants?

As a seasoned educator, I was about to embark on an adventure like no other. My son Miles and his ever the adventurous spirit, convinced me to try something completely new, a micro-dosed Golden Hour THC energy gummy. I had never delved into cannabis or mushroom nootropics before, making the idea both exciting and honestly, nerve-wracking.

What was going to happen? Would I loose my marbles, would I loose my pants? Either way, knowing that it was completely legal and tested in accordance with the FDA and DEA, I was quite comfortable with having a little fun in Washington Square Park with my eldest son, Miles, the Founder of Golden Hour. 

In the enchanting embrace of Washington Square Park, we decided to give the THC gummy a shot. I couldn't deny the small excitement as the gummy began to work its magic after 20-30mins. Despite my initial bashfulness about my the gummy, I found myself laughing with abandon, basking in the warmth of the moment.

A delightful surprise awaited us as we wandered through the park - a three-piece jazz band serenading the crowd near the fountain. I've always appreciated music, but in that moment, I felt like a young soul rediscovering its passion. The jazz notes seemed to dance around me, inviting me to join in the celebration of sound.

While I felt euphoric, I was still very sharp of mind. From the nootropics, I could actually feel myself wanting to have a little more fun and be mentally stimulated. I thought cannabis would dumb me down but it was very much the opposite.

This inescapable sense of fun led Miles and I to The Uncommons Cafe in the Greenwich Village. The Uncommons Cafe is a melting pot of nerds, misfits, cool kids and any other walk of life who wants a home to play board games - it is heaven. Now, as we entered and as someone with their Ph.D in Creative Writing, I couldn't help but chuckle at the idea of someone my age engaging in such playful shenanigans while whooping his dullard of a son at scrabble. We started playing and to my astonishment, the micro-dosed gummy seemed to ignite my competitive spirit. With newfound creativity, I skillfully outplayed my son, earning the title of Scrabble champion - King of the Nerds!

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts, my triumph was met with applause and friendly banter. The nerds in the cafe even called me a "brainiac," which I must admit, is all but true! 

This micro-dosed THC gummy journey, while initially daunting, became an ageless adventure. It taught me that life's vibrant moments are not defined by years lived but by the willingness to embrace the new and let go of inhibitions. Laughter, love, and exploration have no expiration date, and I'm grateful to have experienced this enchanting journey with my son. The simple pleasure of the micro-dosed THC gummy will be etched in my memory, reminding me that age is merely a number, and the spirit can forever remain young.

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