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Cannabis Chronicles of the Past 5 Years – Gummies Galore, Legalization, and Alcohol's Slide with Millennials and Gen Z!

Cannabis Chronicles of the Past 5 Years – Gummies Galore, Legalization, and Alcohol's Slide with Millennials and Gen Z!

Over the last half-decade, the cannabis scene has undergone a wild metamorphosis that reads like a gripping saga. From the global green wave of legalization to the rise of irresistible cannabis-infused gummies and drinks, and the surprising slide of alcohol among Millennials and Gen Z, these trends are rewriting the rules of recreation.

1. Global Cannabis Liberation Party! 🌿
Picture this: more than 40 countries giving the green light to medical cannabis, and the OGs like Canada and Uruguay fully embracing the high life with recreational legalization. It's not just about blowing smoke; the legal cannabis market went from $17.5 billion in 2019 to an eye-popping projection of $73.6 billion by 2027, according to the grandmasters at Grand View Research.

2. Gummies Gone Wild – The Chewy Revolution! 🍬
Hold onto your sweet tooth! Cannabis-infused gummies aren't just the latest trend; they're the revolution we've all been craving. In 2020, US gummy sales shot up by a jaw-dropping 83%, making them the Usain Bolt of the edibles race, as reported by the edibles experts at BDSA. Did you know? These squishy sensations had a massive 12% share of the entire edibles market in 2020. From fruity to funky flavors, these treats are changing the game.

3. Sippin' on Cannabis – The Liquid Dreams! ☕️🥤
Quench your curiosity with this fact: the US CBD-infused drinks market started as a tiny $27 million ripple in 2019 and is projected to become a tsunami-sized $1.4 billion wave by 2023, thanks to the trendsetters at Zenith Global. Get ready for teas, sodas, and even mocktails infused with the green goodness, turning every sip into an adventure.

4. Alcohol Takes a Back Seat with Millennials and Gen Z! 🚫🍻
Hold your shot glasses, folks – something's shifting in the air. A study revealed that the 'no alcohol' crew among US adults aged 18 to 22 grew from 20% in 2002 to a whopping 28% in 2018. The buzz? Young guns are trading in their beer goggles for a greener view, seeking healthier vibes and safer experiences with cannabis.

5. Virtual Hangs, Real Changes! 🌐💬
The era of IRL hangouts might be fading into the haze. Digital interactions and virtual soirées are rewriting the playbook on socializing. While the good ol' days of alcohol-fueled gatherings are taking a back seat, cannabis is stepping up to become the star of the virtual show, offering chill vibes and great conversations without the nasty aftereffects.

In the epic tale of the past five years, these trends are the protagonists, with data and stats as their sidekicks. The world of cannabis is spinning like a top, and we're all in for a wild ride. So, whether you're munching on gummies, sipping cannabis-infused beverages, or simply joining the green revolution, remember – these trends are reshaping the way we unwind and sparking a new era of good times! 🌬💨
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